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Time Sharing

Time Sharing is the division of time between parents who are no longer living together.

By far some of the most important and stressful matters that our clients face are those involving their children. Matters involving chilren can be extremely contentious. Your children mean everything to you , which increases the anxiety and intensity in disputes involving time sharing. These are times when you need experienced counsel--both to help you stand strong and to be the voice of reason.

The lawyers and staff at the Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A., are protective of your child's best interest and your parental rights. We strive for solutions to these complex and emotional disputes that are conducive to peaceful and productive co-parenting.

However, when negotiations fail, the other party won't negotiate, or a legal ruling is needed, you can depend on us for skilled advocacy on your behalf to to protect your rights relating to your children in court proceedings.

Protecting Family Relationships

Florida courts have moved away from the traditional custody and visitation arrangement and replaced it with time sharing. Time sharing presumes more equalized roles and responsibilities for both parents. Though the child may live with one parent the majority of the time, the other parent is encouraged to be actively involved in the child's life and child-rearing decisions. This requires a greater degree of communication and cooperation between the parents. Many times parents find the higher required degree of communication and cooperation troublesome and it can lead to conflicts.

The Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A. excells at providing you with that kind of representation. We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding the facts and details that make your case unique and, very often, that can make the difference in your child's time sharing and parenting plan.

We can help clients assert their rights and their wishes in time sharing and parenting plan negotiations and litigation:

  • Time sharing--Child's primary residence and proportion of time with each parent
  • Time sharing schedule--overnights, weekends, holidays, vacations, extracurriculars
  • Parenting plan details--pickup times, notifications, contact with the child, etc...
  • Parent relocation within Florida or out of state
  • Possession of the house
  • Time sharing rights in parternity cases
  • Interference with visitation
  • Modifications of time sharing and parenting plans

If you are in need of an experienced family law attorney who is capable of negotiating, settling or litigating your case, please contact the Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A. today. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyers. We proudly represent clients in South Florida.

We dedicate the time your case requires to get a favorable result.

Let us help you negotiate and settle matters involving your children in Miami Dade and Broward Counties.

Contact us at (305)888-8896.

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