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Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A.

Omaida to the rescue!

May 31, 2016

5 Stars

Omaida and her team went above and beyond to eliminate several driving ticket violations from my record. Her ability to yield winning results within 30 days literally salvaged a job offer for me, which could have been rescinded due to my driving record. Thank you Omaida and Team!

Help when I needed it.

May 24, 2016

5 Stars

I hired the Law Office of Omaida Delgado for a landlord tenant issue. My tenant had never paid me on time since they moved in. They were behind for 2 months and I got tired of hearing the sob stories. I went to see Omaida because a friend who had used her before said she was the best, aggressive and relentless in fighting his cases. I'm super happy with the job she performed for me. She kept me up to date on everthing that was going on. She was always responsive. I've used other attorneys. I have never met one as honest and to the point as Omaida.

The best decision I have ever made!

December 18, 2015

5 Stars

The best decision I have made is hiring Ms. Delgado to handle both an eviction as well as the sale of my second home. Ms. Delgado's team is what I refer to as my dream team. Her team made things happen for me., and this is everyone's bottom line. Results!!! Ms. Delgado and her staff are diligent and highly effective. Thank you Ms. Delgado for putting my mind at ease and solving my difficult situations.

Thank you Ms. Delgado

November 13, 2015

5 Stars

I was recommended to this attorney by two other attorneys. I was so worried about having my record tarnished by a misdemeanor, but thanks to Ms. Delgado my worries are over. My whole case was dismissed. She is awesome. The staff was always helpful. The service I received was well worth what I paid. If you want a lawyer that fights tooth and nail to get your case dismissed, then she is worth every penny. I am so grateful she took my case and told me to refuse to take the deal the prosecutor offered.

Great family law attorney

November 5, 2015

5 Stars

Family law is a difficult part of the justice system. When I started looking for a lawyer I was referred to this office by a friend of mine who practices Immigration Law. I went and had a thorough consultation as Omaida explained to me the possible outcomes and made things more simple for me to understand. Since then, the law office of Omaida Delgado has been representing me in my battle for custody and collection of child support. Omaida and her team have been working extremely hard to help me fight for my baby's custody and collect the 2years back child support that my son deserves. She has clearly shown me how well she knows the laws of family. She and her team are always on top of things such as filing the proper paper work, requesting documents and information from the defendant, answering questions in a timely manner, setting up court hearings, and representing me in court. My case is still currently running, but I have been satisfied with the results thus far and that I continue to receive. Thank you to Omaida and her team! As if it wasn't for them I dont know where I would be in this case!


October 19, 2015

5 Stars

after consulting with omaida delgado i was impressed with her expertise and knowledge very professional i highly recommend her not only to family and friends but to everyone

Honest and to the point

October 18, 2015

5 Stars

The attorney was sincere and honest about my legal case. She was attentive and understanding of our concerns while providing sincere realistic options to our approaches.


July 8, 2015

5 Stars

Well, it was April 1st & I would have almost thought that what was beginning to occur as I traversed the narrow, not that familiar roadway after just accelerating evasively pass the vehicle that suddenly rounded the corner & seemed to be about to cross the median to cause a headon collision was a prank, a saddening prank. I couldn't believe a cop really was stepping out in the road & waving me over unto the grassy righthand side sidewalk. I was in a rental SUV because our own vehicle had to be yet in the dealer's shop again & financial need was already a pressure. In fact, because I was in a rental vehicle & had been just prior the oncoming threatening vehicle thinking about how that an elderly woman had driven against traffic & had crashed into my kids & me in 2009, messing up my spine with further herniations which already were begun in a 2008 accident wherein I had been struck from behind, I had accelarated a bit to avoid the oncoming vehicle &, just then, even as I was immediately slowing back down, the cop clocked me, 37 or some such, he claimed, in a 25 miles per hour zone. I tried to explain to him what had occurred moments before I got to the corner he was waiting at, but he wasn't hearing any of it. He ticketed me. I couldn't bear the thought of having to deal with the threat of license suspension, driving school, points &/or court costs, etc, & all that on top of all else! Insofar as an attorney friend of mine had told me about, I searched it & found Ms. Omaida Delgado's law practice's information. Liking the reviews I saw regarding her legal efforts for others, especially in the ones related to traffic citations, I contacted her for the traffic ticket matter. Her info said she was located in a city just north of the two countys' dividing line, but she was actually further south. However, by her suggestion & arrangement, she met up with us part way, us meeting just off the highway & Sheridan. $80 was her charge & in June she went to traffic court for me (though I got a summons letter) &, whatever it was the judge agreed with her on, I don't know, but Omaida (I told her initially I'm always formal by upbringing & am usually so until given permission to be otherwise & so she gave me liberty to address her by first name) said the judge agreed with her & the ticket was dismissed & I had no court costs, points, driving school, or anything! Of course, being a believer, I had prayed to the Lord Jesus to come through for us & He used Omaida to accomplish our victory! Whereas I had given a previous case to a well-known law establishment that televises its ads & has the initials TC & I still ended up paying over $200 in court fees, I was very happy with Omaida's outcome secured for us. She had told me that she would keep trying for me, if that's what it took, to get the best result for us, namely the dismissal of the ticket & with no further problems by it, not like some of these attorneys out there who go in once &, since they are paid already, just don't put up a fight for their clients. She got what we had hoped for & the first time around. Call her up & ask about the free 15 minutes consultation, since you are finding this info about her on avvo. You could avoid for yourself a whole lot of headaches! Thanks again, Omaida, from our entire family!

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