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Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A.
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The Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A.

The Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A. is a general practice firm based in Medley, Florida that represents corporate and individual clients in transactional and litigation matters throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The highly-motivated attorneys and staff of Law Office of Omaida Delgado, P.A. adhere to the principle that the client is entitled to zealous, professional, and efficient advocacy.

The attorneys at Law Office of Omaida Delgado pride themselves on their tenacious client representation which combined with a superior written work product, skilled oral advocacy, and comprehensive investigative ability enables this firm to provide its clients with professional and effective representation of the highest quality. This firm has earned a coveted reputation in complex civil litigation, personal injury cases, family law cases, and criminal cases by deploying creative and wining legal strategies bolstered by high caliber academic and professional achievement. Law Office of Omaida Delgado’s work is distinctive and varied, ranging from county court small claims and traffic defense to construction litigation and felony defense. This firm practices in both state courts and federal courts, from trial to appellate courts and has a diverse clientele. We represent companies in commercial litigation including international law. The bulk of this firm’s practice focuses on the individuals and small companies across a spectrum of litigation. We are proud to offer superior professional services with the added attraction of small firm billing rates and efficiencies.

The firm is constantly searching for new and creative solutions uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. Clients get the best legal representation with attention to detail and commitment to results. The firm's goal is to distinguish itself through unmatched client service. Law Office of Omaida Delgado's team of professionals has the highest academic credentials, maintains strong community ties, and is committed to the pursuit of excellence. When it comes to effective counsel, there are no substitutes for experience and trusted relationships.

To learn more about our firm, staff or practice areas, contact us today by calling (305) 888-8896. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with all your legal and business consulting needs.

Call us at (305) 888-8896 or (954) 252-5600 to get a consultation today!

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